This is a page where I share some of my current activities and focus

What I mainly do

I currently work in financial industry taking care of selling our products to the market. Here, I learn various financial products each with its own unique characteristics while talking to various people with various background and personalities.

Learning new things

Aside from my primary job, I try to keep learning to satisfy myself. My main focus is STEM and In the past few months I have finished several courses. The most interesting and inspirational courses thus far is Introduction to Complexity from Santa Fe Institute.

Current things to learn


I aim to have weightlifting, cardio, and stability in my fitness routine as suggested by Peter Attia in his book Outlive. However, I still do exclusively weightlifting. I tried to lift at least 3 times a week and progressively overload myself. I am now running a beginner powerlifting-inspired linear progression program called Phrak's Greyskull LP.


I plan to write more and share more of my ideas to the world and use this blog as my main vehicle